About us

    We are a Czech architectural studio that designs and creates your projects in order to be architecturally interesting, functional and economically sustainable. We are able to manage various tasks of various scopes. We do not distinguish small from vast projects. It will be our pleasure to design projects from a range of urbanistic development of family or residential houses, new buildings and reconstructions of family houses, holiday homes, flats and public premises to designs of commercial buildings or even bespoke furniture for children´s rooms of your beloved little angels. Each of us has different ideas and wishes. Therefore, we approach each order individually, according to your specific wishes and requirements and carefully listen to you – our clients – for whom 3K Architects design innovative and novel proposals tailored to your needs to make you fully satisfied.

    There is a long way to go from your initial thoughts to final realisation of your project. Our architectural studio 3K Architects will guide you throughout the whole process from the very beginning all the way to the end of it. You will explain us all your wishes, requirements, options and ideas at our initial personal appointment and we will be ready to start off our job.


    1Personal Appointment

    First, we will meet up and discuss all your wishes and needs regarding your project. After that we will thoroughly gather all the necessary materials. Then we will begin with the most important part of the whole project, a study.


    For you as our client, this part is the crucial aspect of any project. It does not matter if we deal with small or huge projects. There is no way to reach your goal without a study. We will draw and very carefully describe all the possible designs, options, pros and cons for your particular project. In our computer-aided visualisation, you will see the final result of the whole project. Right after that, we will start with the next part of the process.

    3Project Documentation for Building Authority

    In this section, we will create a project documentation fulfilling all the necessary requirements for the Building Authority. Its range depends on the Building Law and bears in mind your particular construction plans. We will clarify you the scope of the project documentation to know what other steps will be ahead of us in terms of time and financial schedules. After finishing this, we are able to acquire for you the required statements issued by state authorities and institutions that are imperative to start with the realisation itself. That means we will have one last step to make together: the execution of the project itself.


    In case you would like to have as much control over the execution as possible, we will gladly draw the project execution documentation containing all necessary details and a budget for the execution. We are able to obtain documentation for the selection of a general contractor and help you choose the most suitable one for the execution. Through the execution phase, we can carry out engineering and authorial supervisions and prepare as-built drawings in the end. After that, we will be at the end of our journey and you can start enjoying your dream come true.


    Roman Kučírek

    Roman Kučírek

    Roman graduated in Architecture and Civil Engineering from the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering. He also gained experience from studies abroad, in particular at Cardiff University, UK and University of New Orleans, USA. From among his accomplished projects, we can highlight the reconstruction of a hotel for scientists in the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Genève, Switzerland. In 2016, he co-founded the architectural studio 3K Architects.

    Jan Komárek

    Jan Komárek

    Jan graduated in Architecture and Civil Engineering from the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering. He has won a number of awards for his architectural designs and has years of experience as a head architect. He is the co-founder of the architectural studio 3K Architects.


    • Urbanistic study of housing development in Karlštejn
    • Design of a Christian Community Centre, Kladno
    • Interior of the Meet Factory alternative theatre, Zlíchov, Prague

    • Structural design of a nursery school, Holešovice, Prague
    • Urbanistic study of a new urban centre for Prague 10
    • Design of an apartment building in Strašnice, Prague


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