An extensive plot in a small village in a forgotten but all the more beautiful spot of the Highlands, not far from the historic city of Telč, along with open-minded clients and an attractive assignment have given rise to a traditional, vast homestead fitting in with the stunning countryside. Buildings of the homestead are designed to create a traditional country housing development. A mutual composition of a family house and a barn forms a half-closed yard naturally determining various areas of the garden. Due to large spacious demands, the family house itself has been divided into two sections in order not to disturb its surroundings with its scale.
The barn is designed in a very traditional concept with a utility loft. Conventional, typical materials, such as wood, stone and stucco were used throughout the structure. The pride of the whole homestead is a newly designed little pond in close distance from the family house. The view from the doorstep of the spacious living room onto the little pond and the nearby woods will undoubtedly be the source of peace and tranquillity.