We are again in the village of Suchá where we have already designed two family houses. This time we worked with a plot with a slightly inclined terrain. What seemed to be a simple task at the beginning, turned out to be a challenging project. After surveying the plot, we saw the actual altitudes and the irregular incline of the terrain. This had significant impact on our design of the house. We shifted the main living floor by the height of half a floor in relation to the main entrance area. Thanks to this concept, we did not have to modify the current slope and the house thus fits into the countryside. The simple house with a saddle roof is extended by a single-storey block, covered by vertical wooden cladding. This block contains all the necessary operating and technical facilities of the whole building.
Based on this layout, we were able to design a generous living area open over two floors with a wonderful view of the surrounding nature. Our clients will certainly enjoy this view because of the maximum glazing in the living area and an adjacent terrace with a wooden pergola. The pergola compositionally completes the very simple shape of the house. The terrace rising above the inclined garden has steps along its whole length that enable comfortable entry towards the garden and also offer additional seating space. The materials we selected were chosen not only with regards to our clients´ taste but also to the appearance of the whole newly developing area of family houses on the outskirts of Suchá.