A young couple asked us to build a modern two-storey house with a large living area open to the loft, sufficient storage space, wood burning stove and a Finnish sauna. The location for their new home was selected by the clients. They chose two adjoining plots on the outskirts of the village with a lovely view towards the forest. We designed an asymmetric saddle roof, creating a partially roofed terrace on the southwest. The main feature of the house is a fully glazed southwest façade with a distinct roof overhang that enables a panoramic view out of the living area. Nature is drawn into the house even more by an original solution of wooden side walls and terrace roofing in the shape of a funnel. The roof overhang also creates natural shading of the generously glazed façade.
In addition, a sun canvas also contributes to shading the main part of the terrace. Attached to the house, there is roofed parking for two cars with sufficiently spacious storage for sports and garden equipment. Modern appearance of the house is emphasized by northeast gabion fencing with filled and empty parts which are grown through with hedge. An added gabion retaining wall subsequently balances an elevation difference near the roofed shelter. As regards materials, a combination of grey roof covering with light grey plaster, coal-grey frames of wooden-aluminium windows and cedar facing was selected. Thanks to a very constructive collaboration with the clients, we could design a highly modern house in the countryside that will provide all the necessary comfort.