An interior design of a farm shop became a very beautiful assignment indeed. Our task was to design an interior of a shop with local farm products in a distinctly rectangular space. After three different designs and series of discussions with our client, we decided for a system of stackable wooden crates for bakery products, fruits and vegetables in the central part of the room. We also hung these crates on the longer wall and the columns between the windows. Behind a movable counter made of wooden Euro pallets and topped with a black laminate board, we again used Euro pallets on the wall, highlighting the logo of the shop, which we named “Crate from Lípa”. Cooling and freezing boxes along with milk and wine vending machines are situated at the wall furthest from the entrance.
The atmosphere of the whole interior is underlined by lighting. Above the counter, there are three hanging yellow metal lamps. We also created a lamellar ceiling made of wooden boards suspended from metal rods. Spotlights are placed in between the boards in order to highlight the whole interior as well as the products. A coat of chalkboard paint creates information areas on the walls, which allow effortless modification according to current offer and promotions. The entrance to the shop is stressed by a bright yellow cube. This both outlines the comfortable entrance and invites passers-by to visit the Crate from Lípa, the new local farm shop Crate from Lípa.