Based on our previous collaboration, one of our clients approached us with another project. This time he wanted to create a showroom of premium surfaces that he sells and supplies to his clients. The key element of the assignment was to create a modern, clean and yet timeless interior, providing space for various premium surface samples that would be presented in a subtle way so that they do not disturb the visitors. The showroom is located in the existing premises which we have preserved, but the interior itself is completely changed. The space of about 200 m2 is fitted with the main showroom, a sample kitchen, a fully functional bathroom and three offices with hygiene facilities. We wanted the showroom to be modern, not filled with thousands of samples that would make the customer feel overwhelmed. That is why we came with the concept of two cubes, one of them used as a conference room and the other as a lounge. The conference room is closed on one side with wood-aluminium windows and a sliding portal on the other side. Contrasted to this, the lounge is open and as such is ideal for relaxation or product presentations.
Both cubes are lined with the same materials the client himself offers in the showroom. The space is then complemented by walls with alcoves fitted with flooring samples, 3D plaster tiles and other materials that we have hidden behind sliding walls which are covered by the same type of material as the samples behind them. At the back of the showroom, there is an area for window and door samples made by the Austrian company Internorm. The main showroom continues to a functional kitchen with an island and a seating area for short meetings and refreshments, and further beyond to a functional bathroom with a bathtub, shower and washbasin. In the back, there are three offices for employees, hygiene facilities and a server room. Even though it hides many samples of premium surfaces, the showroom itself is very airy and allows the customers to concentrate only on elements relevant to their projects. We hope that the customers will be satisfied not only with the choice of premium surfaces but also with the design of the showroom itself.